I am a Copenhagen-based product designer who believes that highly effective products requires insight into the intersection of design, business, technology and the user.


Senior Product Designer at Weorder
2017 – Present

Product Designer at Tattoodo
2015 – 2017

Freelance Product Designer
2013 – 2015



Copenhagen Business School
2014 – 2017
Organization and Management, Graduate Diploma program (HD 2.)

Copenhagen School of Design & Technology
2012 – 2015
Digital Concept Development (International), Bachelor



Tattoodo – Marko Tiidla

“I had the pleasure to implement Emil’s design and product solutions for the very successful Tattoodo mobile application. He was able to manage a huge workload and always deliver great and easy to apply designs. I really like how he knows the importance of mobile platform specifics and how to approach them according to what users expect. As a person, he often took initiatives and was ready to back up his opinions with examples and knowledge of best practices. I would highly recommend Emil, he has a great success ahead.”

Tattoodo – Goran Vuksic

“I have had the pleasure of having Emil as a colleague, he was well-respected in our department and everyone enjoyed working with him. He is open-minded, goal oriented, he works hard and really enjoys teamwork. I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in product and graphics design.”

Aluu Airlines – Lars Balslev

Aluu Airlines hired Emil Forsmann during the startup phase of the company.
Originally Emil was a freelancer, but due to his engagement and personal profile he was perceived as part of the team. Throughout his employment, it was clear that Emil had strong competencies with digital solutions and he created our identity and digital platform beyond all expectations. He managed the following line of work during his employment:
– SEM Strategy
– Identity including branding manual
– Website with booking engine, job portal and destinations overview
– Graphical display of press releases
– Presentations for investors and other stakeholders
– Graphical display of our business plan
His professional style can only be described as dedicated and accomplished. And so, Aluu Airlines highly and unreservedly recommend Emil Forsmann.

PNT Tryk & Broderi – Brian Nissen

Emil visited us during his second year at high school to print some graphics he had done on study jerseys. We were pleasantly surprised how well done and professional the graphics was done. Fortunately did Emil show up a few days later asking if he could work with us, which we of course said yes to. The first many month did we place him in the printing section but Emil asked us if he could redesign and rebuild our website and logo. We took the change and Emil showed us strong competencies in terms of IT and Graphic design. During his 4 years at PNT he did: – Upgrade and redeploy new servers. – Enhanced our IT working environment – Created PNTs identity and website – Found new solutions to present our products and suppliers to the clients Emil is an incredible “handy man” because of his broad knowledge to enhance IT and Graphics, whom we will always recommend.